Our mision statement at Church at the Well is “Reintroducing Jesus in Vermont”. One of the ways we seek to do this is through service. We believe that one of the best ways to show God’s love to those around us is through selfless serving and modeling sacrificial love. We also believe that serving together is an important aspect of community and relationship building. We say it this way – “community happens when we serve others with others”.

If you’d like to get involved in serving with Church at the Well or are interested in service projects that our church community participates in, please contact Ian Bailey at

Here are a few examples of volunteer and service opportunities:

  • Volunteering with Church at the Well: helping the different ministries that take place on Sunday and throughout the week
  • Serving a meal for the displaced/homeless community at 150 Cherry Street – Monthly
  • Volunteering at Anew Place who provide shelter and services to the homeless community
  • Investing in our Global Partners, participating in future foreign missions trips — Signs of Love in Honduras, Village2Village in Uganda, etc.
  • Getting involved in different on-campus ministries that we support