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Join us online Sundays at 10 AM!  Our online service will be aired here:

Outdoor Church: Beginning May 16 we will be meeting in person, outdoors on Sundays at 10 am. See details and register here:

Digital Pilgrimage – The Celtic Way – May 14–June 11

Are you thirsting for spiritual refreshment? Do you enjoy walking outdoors? Join with others from Church at the Well as we engage Intervarsity’s digital pilgrimage, The Celtic Way. All you need is a smartphone and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. As a digital pilgrim, you will enjoy two audio-guided walks per week (eight total) anywhere you’d like, at your own pace, and at a time that fits your schedule. Each audio-guided excursion explores a theme of Celtic spirituality using the story of a Celtic saint, scripture reflection, sensory activities, and prayer. We’ll gather twice at the Centracchios’ outdoors to share our experiences: once mid-pilgrimage (Tuesday, May 25th 6:30 – 8pm), and once to close out the experience (Tuesday June 15th, 6:30 – 8pm). More details and registration are available at The cost is $50/person, but Church at the Well participants have been offered a 20% discount. Just type in the code: ANAMCARA. All proceeds go to scholarships for student pilgrimages abroad. Questions? Contact Please join us!

Pop Up literary Magazine Call for Submissions! In scripture, God uses little things in big ways. David slew Goliath with just five stones from a brook. Yahweh spoke to Elijah in a still small voice. In the Gospels, Jesus celebrates faith the size of a mustard seed, feeds a large crowd with just five loaves and two fish, and tells us that God knows every hair on our heads. Where have you noticed God using little things in big ways in the world or in your own life?
This spring, we invite you to submit original writing of any genre—a poem, story, journal entry, prayer, personal reflection, haiku, etc.—that pays attention to little things.

To get you started, in case it is helpful, here are a few writing prompts. Submissions do not need to be based on these prompts.
·         Jesus said, “Consider the lilies.” What other small things in God’s creation might we do well to consider? Pomegranates? Conch shells? Nematodes? In a thought piece or poem, explore the details of a small element of nature you’d like to consider intentionally.
·         What small kindness on someone else’s part has made a big difference in your life? Write a personal reflection or journal entry communicating how this has impacted you.
·         List 25 – 50 small but important objects in your life, then craft a prayer in gratitude for one or several of them. Alternatively, list and write a poem about 5 – 10 small moments in your day that you’d like to give thanks for.
·         As a short story, rewrite the Parable of the Widow’s Mite (Luke 21:1 – 4) in a modern setting, where a main character of your developing gives something small away small that’s in fact extravagant.
·         Write a memory of someone important to you who has passed away, using a relevant object you associate with them as a starting point. You may wish to title your piece along the lines of Uncle Ralph’s Chess Set, Susan’s Jade Plant, or My Father’s Slippers.
·         Has God ever asked you to do something you felt too small for? Journal honestly about that experience and what you have learned/are learning from it.

Submissions Deadline:  May 31st (Monday)

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