The Way of the Wilderness

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Just as Jesus spent time in the wilderness, so will we, as his followers. In this sermon, Adam explores the wilderness in our lives as a place where we come face to face with our questions and where we learn new things about ourselves and God.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

Luke 4:1 – 13

1)      For most of his life, Jesus was a carpenter. Only when he was thirty did he step into public ministry (and his public ministry only lasted for 3 ½ years). What seems relevant about this timeline with regard to your life? What encouragement do you draw from it?

2)      In this passage, what role does the Spirit play in Jesus’s wilderness experience, and what role does the Word play? How have/might the Spirit and the Word play/played roles in your own wilderness experiences?

3)      Adam described the wilderness as a place where, historically, people have faced the questions they had to face, silenced the conflicting voices that would try to lead them astray, and further aligned their will with God’s will. Can you relate to any of these? What else, if anything, has God done in your life while you have been in the wilderness?

4)      Jesus went The Way of the Wilderness to demonstrate his commitment to the Way of the Cross, Adam argued. How might/have your own wilderness experiences help/helped you to live a cross-shaped life?